Piya rangrezz shraddha pregnant halloween

Piya Rangrezz: Shraddha to hide her pregnancy from Sher Singh Sher Singh (Gaurav S Bajaj) unaware about Shraddha (Kirtida Mistry) is pregnant in Piya Rangrezz The upcoming episode of Piya Rangrezz will show that Shraddha did not go back to Sher Singh and due to her promise that she is given to Bhanwari Devi (Narayani Shastri).

Shraddha: amma ji. Shraddha is super furious at rani and holds the gun. she aims at RANI nad shoots her. the bullet passes through her head and she DIES. all are shocked. Shraddha goes to bhavri. Gajra: I will call doc. Bhavri is lying in shers lap. Bhavri: no no I of no use. time has come for an evil to end. Sher: wt r u saying amma.

Watch Piya Rangrezz OMG! Shraddha Gets Pregnant Watch 30 October 2015 by Desitube TV on Dailymotion here 15 Piya rangrezz shraddha pregnant halloween Halloween Costumes That'll Help You Win Halloween. Show off your bun in the oven literally. Nov 13, 2015 Sher Singh's family and mother Bhanvari Devi tries to kill Shraddha's unborn child, so that she can remove her from Sher Singh's life.

Piya Rangrezz: Sher Singh's family tries to kill Shraddha Shraddha collapses while Sher and Chanda perform their wedding rituals. Nevertheless, a ruthless Bhanvari and her attendants do not tend to her. Later, Sher gets Shraddha treated by a doctor and learns that she is pregnant. Good news: Shraddha is PREGNANT in Piya Rangrezz Tellychakkar. com Its time to welcome a new member in Bhanvri devis family in Piya Ran Good news: Shraddha is PREGNANT in Piya Rangrezz Bhanvari Devi is a don, who forcibly wants to get her son married to gorgeous Shraddha.

Shraddha absconds from her house to escape from her marriage. Bhanvari tortures Shraddha's family. Shraddha's wellwisher, Sher Singh rescues her from the miscreants. Shraddha recalls the moments she spent with Sher Singh. Piya Rangrezz Latest Shraddha is pregnant. Posted on October 23, 2015 by admin. Related Post. Ishq Mein Marjawan Gossips: kidnapping and big twists in upcoming engagement track; Life OK Piya Rangrezz Latest News, Upcoming twists, future story, Gossips, Spoilers.

Nov 21, 2015  Piya Rangrezz, 20 Nov 2015 Duration: 1: 09. Reporter 3: we heard that the girl is pregnant with someone elses child. is it true? Reporter 4: is she a courtesan? ? Shraddha was in tears and sher was enraged. shraddhas family and bhavris family were watching it on tv as it was live and were shocked. If you're expecting during Halloween, take advantage of the holiday and dress up as something kooky with these cute DIY costume ideas for pregnant women.

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