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Sex: Expectations vs reality. Filed Under: Love& Lust Sex is supposed to be a pretty basic, instinctive act. But sadly, it just doesnt always run as smoothly as wed like Every year, Halloween seems to get a little less scary and a little more slutty. But hey, I'm not complaining. Neither are the other 3.

5 billion males on the planet. Only it does get a little boring when you see the same ol' sexy costumes over and over again. Tweets by @xclusivetouch. 10 OCT 2013. Top Xclusivetouch halloween movies series to watch before you die.

Filed Under: Lifestyle. Music& Entertainment. Zombies are far from my thing. I avoid all movies such as Resident Evil, Dawn of the Dead anything that involves a postapocalyptic world or some sort of outbreak of a deadly virus.

Halloween in London can be an amazing night of the year. It's definitely a party night and Halloween Parties in London are the envy of many Halloween Events in London Ghoulish gals and ghastly guys, the witching hour is most definitely upon us. To mark our excitement for this blood curdling romp, we've put together our pick of the best Halloween parties in London, combining all of the city listings to provide you with one spooktacular range of Halloween events.

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