Newt x reader pregnant halloween

Can I please have a Maze runner one shot with Newt where the reader is pregnant and all the boys in the glade (specially Newt) are so excited for the babys coming. P. s: You are so talente and I love your blog Anonymous asked: My second request is for the Maze Runner: The reader is pregnant with Newts baby, but doesnt figure it out until after Newt dies but Newt isnt really dead and he finds her again in Paradise as shes about to give birth.

Because YN would be pregnant for nine months, and pregnant YN would be worse than YN on her period, and let's not forget after delivery she'll be on her period for around forty days. Minho: Yea okay you're right a baby is a bad idea. And Newt and I were really happy together. During those last weeks we had gone out both alone and with the rest of the gang. We were closer than ever.

We went to a photo booth to have some photos together mine was in my wallet and we were influencing each other in many aspects. Once, Newt had gone up to my room again. AN: Set postdeath cure with my happy alternative ending (Last chapter of Our Final Stand (Newt x Reader) if you haven't read it).

Starts of with yn pregnant. Thanks to Nattie for the request Long Yn, Gone to work early as they need extra help. Minho and I will be over later on instead. See you then. Love, Newt. (I'm sorry it's late but hey halloween is cool so here's your late halloween update) After Frypan came by and unlocked the door to start dinner, breakfast and lunch were just snacks everyone had in their hammocks, word had spread about you and Newt in the kitchen, alone all night.

Request Early mornings with newt x reader, where theyre still sleepy! Also lots of fluff if its not too much trouble? ? Thank you so much youre so talented. Newt (Maze Runner)Reader; Peter PanYou; Choi MinhoReader; Newt (Maze Runner) Thomas (Maze Runner) Minho (Maze Runner) Frypan (Maze Runner) Once Upon a Time Characters; Crossovers& Fandom Fusions; Neverland (Peter Pan) Eventual Smut; Fluff and Angst; Top Newt; Top Peter; Summary.

I suck at descriptions. If Anyone shows Newt gave me a little squeeze. I wont let them do anything to either of you, he whispered in my Newt x reader pregnant halloween. I promise. Pregnancy was one of the things which the Creators really hadnt prepared me for. NewtYou had just thrown up for the fourth time that morning. " Newt I really don't think I should, " Newt cut you off. " YN, you are going to stay here. Don't leave this bed. Okay? If you don't feel better soon, we will tell the medjacks, " Newt twirled a piece of your hair around his finger while you lay in bed.

" I'll be back soon.

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