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Oct 08, 2013 2013 Halloween Double Surprise Box DNSEA Halloween Patch Opening 08OCT2013 implemented a new type of altea for this patch. theres a chance of getting 2 items inside these boxes. eventhough i Oct 04, 2016  Page 1 of 10 [Notice Prepare For Fright Night Game Patch On 4 Oct posted in News and Updates: Game service resumed at 1730HRS GMT8. Happy gaming! [Update at 1700 Maintenance will be extended and is expected to resume by 1730HRS due to technical issues.

[Update at 1515 Maintenance will be extended and Limit Break Nest is a special nest where you can only get Nest Points. You can use Nest Points for obtaining and evolving Dragon Jades.

You also stand a low chance to get Magical Accessory Box which contains Unique Grade Accessory. Dragon Nest Dragon Nest is an online action roleplaying game that combines the blazingly fast combat and visually stunning attacks of a console game with the epic story and roleplaying elements of classic MMORPGs. 2018 Eyedentity Games Inc. All Rights Reserved. Page 1 of 3 Dragon Nest Kr 1026 Patch: Granom Nest& Halloween Update posted in General Discussion: 1. Granom Nest Entry Requirement: Location: Saint Haven, [Garden of Time and Space Entry Level: Level 93 Entry Capacity: 1 4 Entry Pass: None Weekly Clear Count: Granom Nest 3, Granom Nest Hardcore 3 Resurrection Limit: Granom The Dragon Nest team has lined up an exciting array of events to keep you at the edge of your seat this month!

Get ready your calendars and mark these bonus events so you wont miss them out! Dragon Box Update. And whats an ultimate. There will be a game patch on 5th September 2018 starting from Crimson Crystal Ancestor Dragon WTD. NOTICE. 03. 2018; UPDATE September Update Patch Note Spinoff Character Story Revamp Oracle Elder 08. 28. 2018; EVENT Celebration of Dragon Nest NA 2nd Anniversary! September Event [Event Calendar Updated 08. 30. 2018; DEV'S BLOG.

Community Focus '[GUIDE 95 Cap more information. 2018 Eyedentity Games Inc. All Rights Reserved. Patch Version Released On Content Highlights Patch Version 182: October 27, 2015 Various bugfixes Patch Version 181: October 20, 2015 New nest modes: Red Dragon Nest Memoria and Hardcore Hero's Battlefield Hardcore; Dark Avenger characters open for creation; Halloweenthemed events Dragon Nest While Dragon Nest adds a persistentworld experience, it retains the unique characteristics of the original game, including strong narrative, extensive instanced gameplay, antigrind design philosophy, and strong support for competitive play.

Patch Version 106 is a patch update released on October 8, 2013. The update implements Deceptive Stronghold and Dragon Fellowship, as well as events related to Halloween. The update also adds various improvements in UI, crafting, and several ingame features. General Deceptive Stronghold (Lv.


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