Halloween party punch cocktails

Halloween Scorpion Venom Punch This threeingredient drink is best served in lookalike lab equipment for a festive effect. Get the recipe at Culinary Ginger. These easy Halloween drinks and cocktail recipes are sure to delight at your Halloween party. Like zombies themselves, this cocktail packs a powerful punch thanks to apricot brandy and three types of rum: light, dark and highproof Bacardi 151. Grenadine and orange juice give the drink its lovely pumpkin hue. Halloween Drinks Recipes Weve got dozens of Halloween sips, like punch, witches brew, cider, and toprated alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

A popular name for Halloween drinks, a number of recipes have taken on the" jackolantern" moniker over the years. Yet, few are as simple or as eyecatching as this one. Cognac, Grand Marnier, and orange juice create the perfect, simple drink for Halloween. Host a perfect Halloween party with these hauntingly good Halloween cocktail recipes from Genius Kitchen. Sweet and fruity, this ghoulish cocktail packs a punch with vodka, rum, Schnapps and sourapple Hard to believe anything can beat your Guy Fieri getupbut these drinks just might.

Make a big batch to serve at parties, or a single serve to sip while you hand out candy to trick or treaters. For more Halloween

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